Schouwen-Duiveland ( Zeeuws: Schouwen-Duveland) is an island and municipality in the Dutch province Zeeland. The municipality has 34,054 inhabitants (1 January 2021) and has an area of ​​488.94 km² (of which 257.87 km² is water).

The island has two fixed connections to Goeree-Overflakkee: the Brouwersdam and the Grevelingendam. Just like the Zeeland Bridge, the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier goes to Noord-Beveland. The island is mostly flat and parts are below sea level. On the western tip is a dune area (the ‘Kop van Schouwen’) whose highest point is approximately 42 meters above sea level. The island is popular with tourists. Especially the place Renesse is a popular holiday destination for young people. Renesse will try to develop more as a seaside resort for families and the elderly from around 2010-2015.


The island of Schouwen-Duiveland once consisted of four islands: Schouwen, Duiveland, Dreischor and Bommenede. Over the centuries, these have grown together by nature and man. The dam between Schouwen and Duiveland dates from 1610.

On April 30, 1900, the Rotterdamsche Tramweg Maatschappij opened a steam tram line on the island, which provided public transport until February 1, 1953. After the 1953 flood disaster, the service was not restored and replaced by a bus line.

After the completion of the Brouwersdam in 1972, the island has become a center of water sports. On the North Sea beaches and on the Grevelingenmeer, especially surfing, sailing and diving can be practiced.

Nature on Schouwen-Duiveland

A large number of nature reserves can be found on Schouwen-Duiveland. They are usually managed by Staatsbosbeheer. Most nature reserves are accessible to visitors. The areas are particularly suitable for bird watchers and cyclists. In the nature of Schouwen Duiveland, European special species such as avocet, curlew and sand plover can be found. Westerschouwen Boswachterij is the largest forest in the province of Zeeland.In addition to nature in and around the Grevelingenmeer, the following nature reserves can be found on Schouwen-Duiveland:

  • Forestry Westerschouwen
  • Head of Schouwen
  • Swallow from Dijkwater
  • Village Forest Sirjansland
  • Dune zoom
  • Gadra
  • Kakkersweel
  • Carolingian Castle
  • Creek area Ouwerkerk
  • Gull dunes
  • Naters Creek
  • Plan Redshank
  • Prunje
  • Shell angle
  • Schouwse Dijkbeemden
  • Schuddebeurs (nature reserve)
  • The Stone Swan
  • Airport (nature reserve)
  • Vroongronden
  • Sweet and Salty Hearth